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Icon solution recommended by IBM to replace legacy ASF software

 3rd Dec 2015

The “end of support” announcement on 11/10/15 by IBM identified DOPiX-ARK because of the unique-in-the-industry backwards compatibility for certain processes and application interfaces from ASF to DOPiX-ARK. As an additional benefit, many customers are also using the Document Composition Facility (DCF) with ASF, and DOPiX-ARK has been designed to replace that solution as well. This fully functional capability offers customers a mainframe replacement for both ASF and DCF, and enables potential consolidation of distributed customer communication management (CCM) solutions on to the mainframe, providing incremental efficiencies, and potentially lower overall costs. Because DOPiX-ARK is a multi-platform solution, this offers customers the full flexibility to determine the most cost-effective implementation for their CCM applications.

ICD, working closely with IBM representatives, is currently communicating with all ASF customers to identify the replacement solution and assist in bringing their applications forward with the functionality offered by DOPiX-ARK.

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