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Choose the functionally rich E-Signature Platform trusted by millions of users 

Organisations requiring the best functionality for handwritten e-signature capture and verification use SIGNificant. The key process steps are:

1. bu sign hover en Forensically identifiable digital signatures captured with tablet-PCs, Slate-PCs, iPad and Android devices and signature-pads.
2. bu control hover en Pre-define signature fields, fill-in form fields, handle attachments, textual and handwritten additions, password protect, etc.
3. bu verification hover en Verify captured signature biometrically in real-time or later. Is the signature consistent with known samples?
4. bu protect hover en Secure both the digital signature and document content with encrypted signature data sealed with the document.

capture signature        c2linkarrow     signing workflow control        c2linkarrow      signature verification       c2linkarrow      Protect document

To achieve these functions, clients can choose from a rich selection of features.......

SIGNificant Feature Overview

Handwritten Signature Capturing (Forensically identifiable) 19 (65x65) (2)

Handwritten Signature Capturing
(Forensically Identifiable)

Supports signature pads tablet PCs iPad Android tablets payment terminals 40 (65x65) (2)

Device Independent: Choice of  
multiple hardware


PKI-based Digital Signatures 44 PKI-based Digital Signatures Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF 8 Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF
Fill out and sign PDF forms 3 (65x65) Fill out and sign PDF forms Typewriter 13 (65x65) (2) Typewriter
Add attachments 12 Add attachments Signature Logo Identity/Signature verification
Control all steps in the signing process 2 (65x65) (2) Control all steps in the signing process Implementing Policies 4 Implementing Policies
Watermarking Watermarking Flatten PDF 43 (65x65) Flatten PDF
Document Binding 48 (65x65) Document Binding Content Protection 17 Content Protection
Extensive integration possibilities 6 (65x65) (2) Extensive integration possibilities Customisation 49 (65x65) (2) Customisation
Cloud 1 (329x329) (65x65) On-premises or Cloud-based Offline Capabilities Offline Capabilities

And many more....


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