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Ergo Insurance (1648 KB)

Ergo – A large insurance company, with locations in 30 countries, is a leader in its home market, Germany. Over 1500 of their employees use icon’s DOPiX-CCM to process all correspondence using over 250 formats and 20 different templates.  Ergo uses DOPiX to replace MS Word and other CCM applications.

UNIQA (1390 KB)

UNIQA – They have over 8 million customers, 22,000 employees and over $6 billion in revenues, and are the #2 insurer in Austria, and have a significant presence in Central Europe. They’ve transitioned from the IBM legacy solution, ASF, to DOPiX-CCM, which is now used to format and print over 55,000 individually created text pages annually. They also use the solution to create 9 million pages in total in batch mode. They have a multi-channel delivery model enabled by the icon solution. 

Generali Insurance (1648 KB)

Generali – a very large insurer, with almost $20 billion in revenue and over 13 million customers offers tailored products for private and corporate customer in a multi-channel delivery model. Icon’s DOPiX-CCM is being used to create 80 million customer-facing documents annually. This includes 14,000 document types and the solution is utilized by 11,000 back office employees.

ING (1074 KB)

ING – 3rd largest retail bank in Germany. Icon’s solution suite is being used of all types of interactive, process-integrated and automated documents across multiple applications and on multiple platforms. They have over 3000 document types that produced over 22 million documents annually.

LVM (946 KB)

LVM – A large insurer with over 3 million customers and over 10 million policies outstanding is one of Germany’s top 20 insurance companies. With 2200 independent agents, and over 7500 corporate staff members and remotely located staff, they use the icon solution suite to create and process over 100 million document pages.

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