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icon opens U.S. subsidiary and offices in New York, NY

 25th Nov 2013

William Contessa, a well known expert in document origination and output management solutions, with many years of industry experience, is Head of Business Development.

"I see great potential for the use of icon's DOPiX customer correspondence solution. Thanks to our partnership with IBM, we have gained access to the key market players and can offer an even greater variety of tailored one-stop solutions."

"After the start of our promising global partnership with IBM in spring 2013, we considered the formation of a subsidiary in the world’s largest economy to be the next logical step," says Uwe Seltmann, CEO of icon Systemhaus GmbH and President of icon Communication Dynamics, Inc.

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icon Communication Dynamics, Inc. | 1120 Avenue of the Americas | New York, NY 10036

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