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Documents That Communicate

  1. Increase Revenue

  2. Improve Efficiency

  3. Reduce Risk

  4. Engage Better

  5. Innovate and Transform

  6. Reduce Paper

  7. Improve Compliance


Realising Business Benefits

icon has a business-led approach, designed to make the job of identifying opportunities, quantifying the business case and subsequent implementation as straightforward as possible. It is all about measurable benefits and delivering with certainty.

Increase Revenue:

  • through personalisation of communications
  • more follow-on business through increased loyalty
  • gaining greater share of wallet via both up-selling and cross-selling

Reduce Risk:

  • greater accuracy of correspondence
  • visibility of all information relating to a case
  • stronger control of document content

Engage Better:

  • more accurate and timely communications in the customers media of choice
  • end-to-end view of case histories leading to better interactions
  • effective content retrieval for better customer service conversations
  • increased customer satisfaction and retention

Reduce Paper:

  • faster and more accurate production combined with print stream rationalisation
  • integrated approach giving customers confidence to switch media
  • make mobile channels attractive to increase customer take-up of self-service

Innovate and Transform:

  • visualise enterprise-wide or departmental process innovation with powerful tools
  • transformational change with experienced consultant implementers
  • integrate disparate systems into a coherent platform view
  • automate your document creation processes as much as is possible and is needed
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Improve Compliance:

  • flexible rule driven features to ensure policy adherence in document construction
  • ease of reviewing entire customer case histories for legal and compliance reasons
  • powerful real-time search and retrieval enables service agents and sales

Improve Efficiency:

  • simplification and rationalisation of disparate systems
  • less time wasted collating information around interactions
  • fewer mistakes in document/communication creation
  • empower users to implement campaigns more quickly and cheaply

ASF User Upgrade:

  • the binary-compatible upgrade path for ASF means easy upgrades
  • leverage existing, enhance functionality, gain multi-channel flexibility
  • migrate in a low effort, low cost manner to a modern solution
  • low risk: join over twenty clients now enjoying the benefits

Integrated Customer Communications Management, Content and Document Management Systems provide many Business Benefits to organisations ­ and have the ability to be used across all quadrants of a strategic information alignment framework:

Strategic Information Alignment Framework

While every client is unique, it is the scale of the business benefits icon lets you secure which makes it so compelling. Take a closer look.

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