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E-Signing Desktop Application (SIGNificant Client)

The SIGNificant Client enables signing and sealing electronic documents using a broad range of signature-capturing devices from various manufacturers, in addition to digital certificates. The SIGNificant Client is especially suited for professionals whose working conditions don’t include online connectivity on a regular basis or for those who wish to work offline.

The SIGNificant Suite creates an environment that allows document exchange between the SIGNificant Client and the web interface of the SIGNificant Server; thus, the signing process can start with one tool and continue with the other, depending on the working conditions.

It's That Easy:

1. Open any Document for Signing

  • In order to sign a PDF document, you simply open it in the SIGNificant Client and either sign immediately, or design the document on the fly according to your needs before you have it signed.
  • The SIGNificant Client is equipped with a universal PDF converter. It enables a quick document conversion functionality, using a toolbar that plugs into office applications or the installed printer driver.

2. Capture a Handwritten Signature or Apply a Customizable Seal Imprint

  • Next, capture your handwritten signature using a Tablet-PC or a broad range of signature pads from various manufacturers.
  • Alternatively, you can seal documents with a customizable seal imprint (Approved, Declined,..) using either the out-of-the-box xyzmo digital certificate or a personal one located in your certificate store.

3. You're Done!

  • The document is now signed and sealed against future modifications and can be viewed and verified by any external user using the free Adobe Reader. The signed document can be stored on your local computer and uploaded to the company’s server at a later stage.


This short (silent) video shows you how:

Additional Features

In addition to the general features described in the Overview section, SIGNificant Client functionality includes:



Template Recognition


Signing on the Fly On the Fly Signing/Stamping and
Document Design

PDF Conversion of any printable content PDF Conversion
/ Printer Driver
Versatile Signing Versatile Signature Methods

Selected Standard Functionality

Typewriter 13 Fill out and sign PDF forms 3 Add attachments 12 Signature Logo PDF PDFA Document Binding 48

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