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Signature Capture for iPad and Android

By incorporating digital signature capturing into the age-old process of signing documents, companies can save front and back office costs in labour, printing, scanning, faxing, mailing and long-term storage of paper originals. You can now e-mail the document for immediate receipt by the client, partner, co-worker or employee. They can instantly sign it electronically with a tablet or smartphone no matter where they are, just as they are used to doing with their handwritten signature. Field agents can also get documents signed in person, in real time, by presenting a document to a client on a tablet.

The apps are integrated with and built on xyzmo's SIGNificant platform, thus ensuring the e-signature process is driven on a mobile device using the same flexible e-signature platform as in a browser. This simplifies development and gives agents, branches, service personnel and other users the same functionality through mobile devices as on the Web.

iPad Android Archtiecture Overview

Sign on the Dotted Screen

Watch the short (silent) videos:


 Notice how similar the iPad and Android experience is! With xyzmo SIGNificant its easy to mix and match devices.  

Additional Features

In addition to the general features described in the Overview section, Signature Capture for iPad and Android functionality includes:

Handwritten Signature Capturing (Forensically identifiable) 19

Natural signing experience
like pen on paper



Browse Through
Multipage Documents


Supports signature pads tablet PCs iPad Android tablets payment terminals 40 Use Tablets alongside similarly
featured signature pads & tablet-PCs

Skinning Skinning

Selected Standard Functionality

Offline Capabilities Fill out and sign PDF forms 3 Add attachments 12 Typewriter 13 PDF PDFA Document Binding 48 Cloud 1 Signature Logo

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