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Web-based E-Signing
(SIGNificant Server Web Signing Interface)

The SIGNificant Server Web Signing Interface makes signing and sealing electronic documents via a web browser as easy as signing a piece of paper. The integration with the existing infrastructure is very straightforward and convenient. You can start your e-signature process with a document set produced from your core system and once signed, the document ends up where it needs to. Signing fields and logic - the basics of the signing ceremony - are added to the document before signing by the customer.

The SIGNificant Web Signing Interface module of SIGNificant Server enables the signing of documents in the web browser of any client location - at business, home office or even on the road - as long as an internet connection is available. There is no need for any software components to be on the local computer for the connection to the signature device.


Many types of signature devices are supported including all manufactured by Wacom and StepOver, the signotec Omega Pad as well as all screens with stylus input (Wintab) and Tablet-PCs. The solution runs in a highly scalable manner and failsave in your (or our) datacenter. Your existing solution simply calls a web service or the "print" command of the SIGNificant Web Signing Interface, to sign a document with the personal signature or certificate in the web browser. Follow the steps below:

Web Signing Interface


Watch the short video:

Additional Features

In addition to the general features described in the Overview section, SIGNificant Server Web Signing functionality includes:

No Installation

No Installations or Downloads


Multiple Signatures

Multiple Signatures
Per Document


Signature Verification 42 Dynamic Signature Verification
Email Support Email Support

Selected Standard Functionality

Handwritten Signature Capturing (Forensically identifiable) 19 Fill out and sign PDF forms 3 Supports signature pads tablet PCs iPad Android tablets payment terminals 40 Implementing Policies 4 PDF PDFA Checklist Content Protection 17 Extensive integration possibilities 6

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